Saturday, October 3, 2009

Models take flight

Over the past week a couple of artistic projects have come to my attention that have a similar thread - modern architecture and the model.

Spanish artist Jordi Colomer's project can perhaps be seen as an ironic jab at modernism's love for the monumental: 

anarchitekton is the generic title of a video series made as a work in progress: 
barcelona, bucarest, brasilia, osaka are the first stops on this journey.  A perculiar character, idroj sanicne travels the city contaminating the streets with fiction. The models of the buildings are like grotesque banners, utopian provocations, or playful flags. Idroj runs to the broken rhythm of the cross disolve static images which, paradoxically, reflect a sense of unflagging movement. A multi-projection in which each city is presented on a screen and everything happens simultaneously.

Similarly poised in irony, German artist Alexander Callsen has actually constructed a 1:1 scale model of the DDR's Haus des Reisens (’House of Travel’) in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, and erected it up a mountain in the south of France. 
Composed of printed canvas wrapped around a scaffold structure, it was part of the Horizons art festival in the Auvergne region of France till the end of September. 


  1. Ace! I hadn't seen the 'house of travels' project before.
    It's like a corbusian vision was realised or something. Having a corporate brutal building in the middle of a field. It's so romantic, but waaaay out of place. Looks great actually. And refreshing to have no carpark!

    Actually, La tourrette sprung to mind when I saw this.
    Is there a forced perspective on the first image of the scaffolding building?

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