Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inflatables by 'spatial effects'


Inflatable architecture took off in a big way in the 60's. It's become to some extent a cliche now, but think again, they're back. Berlins Raumlabor produced the space buster and installed it in New York earlier this year, and it turns out that the Netherlands based practice 'spatial effects' who started pumping out the inflatables in the 60's, is still pumping them out now. Whats most fascinating about them is the effect they have on public spaces. The density and level of activity and interaction that these objects can accommodate are inspiring. Why not make one for Auckland Architecture week this year?



Check out spatial effects' to see the many more inflatable objects they'v built.

Source: pop up city


  1. I like your site, thanks for the info and opportunity for posting.

  2. That's amazing inflatables especially that one where you can use to ride above water surface or sea. It can be used as form of transport.