Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So we've all heard about...

When prospects of Auckland's 'Party Central' on the Queens Wharf hit front page some few weeks ago, it got the public stirring on a hoopla. For many, we felt the euphoria of possibilities for a revived waterfront, but for some others, a latent antipathy sat about in reaction to Mr.Moller's name bobbing about in the text. So when the big dogs got their voices loud enough, and news that the project would be open to the public via competition leaked out, people of the architecture community perked up with a wagging tale.
So the question is, when is it going to happen? Or is it still even happening?
Nevertheless, I'm sure just like many of you, when news of this 'ideas competition' flashed onto the periphery, it got our imagination racing around. So anywho, we thought we'd just post up some early drawings/mindmaps that slipped out of our sketchpads.
At Studio Unité, we conceive Queens Wharf's Party Central as an event/space capable of simultaneously hosting a vast multitude of possibilities and activites. Moreover, we feel that this situation can be best captured through the notion of the LOOP.

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