Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peter Cook- interview

If you're into Architecture, and you haven't come across Peter Cook, you've seriously been missing out.Founding member of Archigram, Designer of the 'Friendly Alien' in Graz, and Dean at the Bartlett School of Architecture.This mans a pure architecture enthusiast, he's pushing on 73 and he's like a little kid in a candy store when talking about architecture. This interview briefly discusses his passion for the game, cities, and how theory got in the way of architecture.


Top quotes:

"I think architecture is a sophisticated kind of bullshit"

"In the last 20 years America has been fascinated with theory, whilst they were doing theory, the Europeans got on and made good buildings... America is stuck with well read (architects) who don't know how to design."

Here here Peter, what on earth is a Deleuzian sausage going to do for our design skills.

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